The Company

Andes Trek Expeditions prides itself on offering high quality guided mountain climbs, highland treks and city tours throughout the Ecuadorian Andes. We are led by a team of experienced, driven, reliable guides; with safety and customer satisfaction being among their highest priorities. All of our guides value the personal relationships they form with our clientele. This aspect of our work is supremely important to us and keeps us excited about guiding, learning from and sharing with our clients for years to come.

We maintain a low client to guide ratio, to ensure the highest probability of summit success and more importantly for safety considerations. The safety and flexibility of the group is the major component driving our decision in selecting a maximum group size for any trip. Larger groups with high client to guide ratios compromise the safety, enjoyment and success of each participant attempting a summit. A low client to guide ratio enables the guide to tailor the pace to each individual and monitor comfort levels; thereby offering a better chance of a successful summit.

Experienced Guides
We constantly work to maintain and upgrade our guide skills and qualifications. Completing training courses with the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and Ecuadorian Mountain Guide Association (ASEGUIM) enables us to continually improve our climbing and guiding skills. We make this investment to ensure that you are safe and learn the most up to date climbing techniques on your trip.

Local Knowledge
Being residents of Ecuador, and more specifically growing up in the highland environment, we have an intimate understanding of the landscape, customs and traditions of the communities living in the Ecuadorian highlands. This creates a richer experience and provides that vital link between cultures, as we unveil to you the charms, traditions, and history of the places we explore.

We go out of our way to ensure our business and each trip has a positive impact on the local culture and environment. We are committed to reducing our impact on the Ecuadorian mountain habitat and natural resources. We practice and teach Leave No Trace principles and ethics on our trips.

Our company knows it is of utmost importance to sustain a high quality environment and landscape for the future generations to live in, visit and enjoy.

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