We specialize in creating tailor-made trips for groups and individual travelers. We have years of experience creating travel itineraries for groups of friends, family vacations and club trips. Let us help you create a perfect adventure package.

• One of our most popular customization options is a group travel itinerary that diverges for a day or two. This is enables groups with different interests to maximize their personal travel goals, while still enjoying time with the whole group for the majority of the trip. For example, part of the team can climb a high altitude volcano while the other half relaxes at a nearby thermal hotspring or enjoys a wildlife hike through the national park at the base of the volcano.

• Extend any trip to include all of your adventure goals; from signing on to a colonial city tour of Old Quito to begin acclimatizing for an ascent up Chimborazo, relaxing in thermal hot springs after a successful summit or adding on a day for bird and wildlife sightings in one of Ecuador’s many Nature Reserves.

• Choose from any of our trip packages and make it your own! Start by selecting your preferred travel dates and we will provide a quote for the size of your party.

Get in tough and we can begin personalizing your travel arrangements today!

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