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There are a lot of items to bring with you when you sign up for an outdoor adventure, be it mountaineering of trekking. A mountaineer needs at minimum a basic set of equipment and appropriate apparel in order to climb successfully and survive in the harsh outdoor conditions. In general, mountain climbing is an equipment intensive activity. Having good equipment in the mountains increases safety and your comfort level and therefore your chance of having a successful climb.

Trekkers are exposed to much less extreme weather conditions, so this activities requires a less extensive list of equipment and gear. Layering and flexibility are key to enjoying your trekking adventures, so that you can easily accomodate your apparel to the changing weather patterns.

Gear Lists
The suggested gear list reflects years of experience and careful deliberation. Our lists have been developed and refined by us and people like you who spend time in the outdoors and mountain environment using and testing equipment. We make every effort to keep our gear lists accurate and up to date, reflecting the finest gear options available.

We have found that by being well-equipped on climbs and expeditions our climbers are able to succeed in conditions that force other teams back. No matter which trip you are considering you can trust the gear list has been carefully thought out to every last detail. Please note that the gear lists generally reflect the worst weather scenarios for a particular location, and some items may not be used on your climb or trek.

Gear Checks
We go through a thorough gear check with all of our clients prior to departure for both the trekking and mountain adventures. We perform these gear checks to ensure all necessary gear is brought along on the trips to ensure the comfort and safety of all of our clients.

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