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     Mojanda Cuicocha Trek

2 days

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At the southern base of the Cotacachi mountain is the beautiful Lake Cuicocha. 2,000 years ago the volcano erupted violently, forcing magma out so rapidly that the land collapsed inward into the evacuated magma chamber. This resulted in a deep depression which filled with water, creating the lake. The lake is 1.9 miles (3 km) in diameter and over 650 ft (200 m) deep.

Cuicocha is the Quichua word for guinea pig, and this name comes from the resemblance of one of its islands to the shape of a guinea pig. The two islands in the middle of the lake were formed from the activity of three resurgent volcanic domes, which is now dormant. While hiking around the lake, we will have the opportunity to see the unique Andean flora, such as native orchids, highland birds and animals. With some luck, you will see the majestic Andean condor soaring overhead.

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